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BCC Mumbai, a leading Importer & Distributor of Temperature and Humidity measurement solutions for Storage, Transit, Export Consignments, Cold Chain, Process application etc.

BCC offers Cold Chain solutions for Q.A. validation and regulatory compliance. Our high quality, portable temperature and humidity monitoring & recording instruments are widely used for routine measurement and testing across a broad range of industries, such as Food, Pharmaceutical, Bio-logical, Chemical, Clinical Research, Testing Labs., CROs, Engineering etc.

BCC products help companies comply with regulations to maximize the safety & efficacy of Drugs, Medicals, Bio-logical, Foods, Chemicals & related products. Most pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food etc. products are temperature & humidity sensitive & susceptible to temperature abuse from the Manufacturing phase through Distribution & Storage.

BCC has introduce " WIRELESS MULTI - CHANNEL TEMPERATURE / HUMIDITY DATA LOGGING, MONITORING, ALARMING SYSTEM", Made in U.K., a complete wireless solution having a range of 1 Kilo meter and is compatible with most building and production management systems. (Please refer page No.15 of catalogue for more information).

PRODUCTS: Re-usable Temperature loggers & Humidity Loggers, Disposable Temperature loggers, Temperature Alarms, Temperature Labels, Temperature & Humidity indicators, Cable Free Thermo-hygrometer, Infrared Thermometers etc.

"Calibration Certificate is provided with all the instruments"

APPLICATION: For In-Transit, Cold Chain, Export Consignments, Cold Storage, Ware Houses, Incubators, Chambers, Ovens, Auto Claves, Pasteurization, Production Areas, Maintenance, Food Safety, Temperature & Humidity Mapping etc.

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